Fire and Ice Clinical Facial Treatment

fire and iceWhat is a Fire and Ice Treatment?  —Designed to resurface the skin, this clinical treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles and provides deep cleansing of blocked pores.  It’s a multi-step treatment with two masque applications followed by an application of a serum and a cream to soothe and moisturize the skin.

The Fire of the Fire and Ice   —The Fire portion of the treatment is a Resurfacing Masque clinically formulated with 18% unbuffered glycolic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid, vitamin B3, retinol and potent antioxidants, including green tea extracts. The treatment is designed for use on the face, neck and décolleté. There is a fragrance that resembles cinnamon for this portion of the treatment.

The Ice of the Fire and Ice   —The Ice portion is a rejuvenating, cool, soothing and intensively hydrating masque with hyarluronic acid, Japanese green tea extracts, aloe vera gel, licorice extracts, rosemary extracts and grape seed extracts.  This second masque cools leaving the skin invigorated and glowing.

Finishing for the Fire and Ice Treatment   —After a final cleanse, a moisturizing serum and a sunscreen are applied to the face.  Some people experience redness for a short time after treatment.  This should subside within minutes or at the longest, a couple of hours.  Be sure to wear a sunscreen for several days and avoid prolonged and direct sun exposure.

Fire and Ice is a Treatment   —To really target wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, skin tone evenness and firmness, you need to work from the inside out.  The Fire and Ice Treatment is a chemical exfoliant that gets into the skin to target the deeper layers, eating toxins as it goes and encouraging the growth of collagen.

What to Expect

  • a glowing complexion
  • skin feels tighter and firmer after treatment
  • you may experience a mild redness immediately following the procedure
  • minimal to no scaling or downtime
  • you may repeat the treatment at 4 week intervals
  • for aftercare use a mild non-abrasive cleanser or other mild product for five days following the procedure
  • use a good sunscreen of SPF 20 or higher following this treatment
  • as your skin has been newly resurfaced, it is best to avoid prolonged sun exposure for several days following this treatment

Who is a Good Candidate for This Facial?
The Fire and Ice Facial is great for all skin types.